mlLearn is not a simple LMS, it is an LMS that simply works. It has everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t. There is something to be said for a product that works well 'right out of the box.' No endless hours of assembly, no worry over 'left over parts,' and no tutorial videos. That is the simplicity of mlLearn. Our 'out of the box' learning management system is intentionally intuitive, and it has all of the features you need without useless bells and whistles that clutter up your space and absorb your budget. 

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Simply Smart

Sometimes being smart means using all of your resources wisely, and mlLearn does just that.

The distraction-free learning environment ensures that your teams have access to all their important learning material, without having to dig deep to find it and that keeps the most important concepts accessible and top of mind.

Keeping what is important at your team's fingertips? That is pretty darn smart, if you think about it. 


Simply Capable

mlLearn can help you deliver your learning content to your teams in a flexible way, on multiple devices, and stores their interactions safely in the cloud. The mobile responsive interface ensures that your teams can view content the way it was designed to be viewed, with no size distortion and with complete interactivity.

From onboarding to compliance training and through gamified intermittent learning, mlLearn is capable to share learning content with your teams every step of the way. 

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Simply Good

mlLearns real-time, feature-rich reporting includes complex 21 CFR part 11 compliant audit trails, as well as visually simplified score reporting.

Information like this, available at your fingertips, will help you discern which team members are excelling and which team members might need a little more help.

And in the event that your team needs more assistance, mlLearn is built with the ability to push out microlearning content that helps fill learning gaps.


Chaos Will Miss You

With the simple onboarding, simple user-friendly interface, and simple content upload and reporting the only hard part will be deciding what you will do with all your newfound free time!

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