With representative access in physician offices continuing to be limited, the need for a thoughtful outbound campaign has never been greater.

By now we are sure your field representatives are experiencing 'email fatigue.' Struggling to send an optimal amount of personal outbound communications to providers continues to be a hurdle to maintaining meaningful provider relationships.

  • What if you could grow your provider contact list in both size and accuracy? 
  • What if your team could automate over 500 customized, on-brand, communications a day, personalized directly from each representative to specific providers? 
  • What if those communications enabled providers to schedule meetings directly with your representatives with a click of a button?

We want to get to know your mlEngage use case, that's why you can connect using any of the ways below or continue scrolling to learn more. 

Strategic outbound campaigns are incredibly effective at increasing your team's productivity and expanding their reach. Not having to worry about the small things allows you to focus on the bigger and more important things - like fostering relationships with providers. 

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Does List Size Matter?

Accuracy of provider contact information is most important, that is why the first step of mlEngage's onboarding will be for our team to help you validate the contact information so that the outbound campaign is accurate and current.

medical leverage has worked with clients with databases of all sizes and needs:

  • No lists or e-mail addresses 
  • Small provider list sizes, with spotty e-mail addresses
  • Extremely large provider databases

We will work with your team to create and enhance your provider lists.


How is it different from centralized e-mail?

It is important to keep in mind that strategic outbound is NOT mass e-mail blasting from a generic e-mail box. It is segmented, personalized, and curated.

  • By automating outbound communications mlEngage creates an opening in your field representative's day, so they have more time to meet with their providers
  • Because mlEngage helps you cover a broad amount of physicians with scheduled, regular, follow up your company is always top of mind to providers
  • mlEngage empowers your providers to schedule meetings with your reps on-demand
  • Pre-approved communications keep emails compliant and on message

Marketers that segment their campaigns experience as much as 760% increase in revenue. mlEngage takes segmentation even one step further, by linking with your representatives e-mail box for outreach invitations that are sent directly from the rep's e-mail address to the provider.

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How can I ensure on-brand communication?

mlEngage is the perfect solution to ensure on-brand messaging. Our medical copywriters work alongside your team to craft a meaningful messages that are customized to your use case.

  • All outbound messages are approved by your organization's review team
  • Our content strategists are experts in crafting the right message for your audience 
  • medical leverage's medical copywriters always customize messages according to your therapeutic area
Once the messaging is approved the final communications are sent to your providers at pre-determined intervals. mlEngage even manages the time-consuming act of follow-up, and will automatically re-engage providers who have not opened their e-mails or booked an appointment. 

How Do I Track Results?

mlEngage's rich reporting metrics let you and your team know which providers have shown activity with your structured communications. We will customize reporting that includes:

  • E-mail deliverability
  • Message engagement rates 
  • Meeting booking
  • A/B testing 

Meeting requests plus weekly reporting let your team know mlEngage is working for them.

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