It’s here! A highly cost effective option, to manage the development of your publications, that is simple to use yet has all the functionality necessary to streamline your content creation workflow. 

mLCatalyst is loaded with bells and whistles similar to the leading publications-planning software, at a fraction of the cost.

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What Is It?

mlCatalyst™ is our publication planning and management solution. Powered by CITRIX, mlCatalyst™:

  • Tracks all of your publications (manuscripts, abstracts, posters, symposium, and more) 
  • Assigns tasks, manages workflows, and allows for cloud-based collaborative creation
  • Maps out publications on native share calendars that sync to your e-mail program
  • Is compatible for use on all major devices: desktop, tablets, and smartphones
mlCatalyst fits within your existing workflow so it learns with your team, not the other way around. As a matter of fact, the only thing it can't do is bring you coffee...we're still working on that. 

Seamless Version Control & Collaboration

mlCatalyst has been used by mlTeam members for five+ years and is customized to alleviate our clients' publication planning pain-points. However, in order to prepare for a 2021 product launch our solution had to pass the "sniff test." We have ensured that no stone has gone unturned, and that all of our client's publication hopes and desires have been fulfilled:

  • Cloud-based version control
  • Easily integrates both internal and external authors
  • Version control checks and balances
  • Visibility for key stakeholders 
  • Assistance with journal selection and prioritization 

The reason that mlCatalyst provides such seamless version control is that documents never, ever, ever, live with just one person. Documents are viewed by the team members you assign. Content is no longer passed back and forth via e-mail, which allows you to have a bird's-eye view of where your team is in their collaboration process. Schedule a demo with us HERE.


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Say Goodbye to the Spreadsheet Abyss

If you are managing your publications planning processes using a spreadsheets, first of all - we extend our deepest condolences.

We have been there. Endless columns, difficulty tracking updates (version control), sorting features...did someone say pivot table? Yet we know that the spreadsheet may be an important part of your team's workflow, and they may not want to let it go. We get it. 

That is why mlCatalyst will match YOUR team's workflow. We will take all of your team's columns, tags, colors, and sorting features mix it together, and serve it up in an interactive workspace that responds to your teams existing terminology. And guess what? It can still be exported to Excel at a moment's notice. 

Onboarding is a cinch because of mlCatalyst's intuitive nature and our engaging training process (it takes about 30 minutes).

Gap Identification

mlCatalyst gives you both macro and micro views of your publications in real-time. With these types of reporting analytics it will be easy for you and your team to identify gaps, and plan accordingly. Our rich dashboard reporting analyzes metrics you choose, so that you are able to view all the data before you make important decisions.  

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mlCatalyst is a product of medical leverage, a communications company, click HERE to visit our website. 

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