mlBlueprint is our strategic consulting service that works internally or externally to your organization. 

Internally, we provide an array of planning services including, but not limited to: strategic, tactical, and publication planning as well as organizational planning (size/structure/competency), and educational planning (curriculum mapping/scope and sequence).

Externally we are able to provide full service meeting facilitation for your external influencers through: advisory boards, KOL consultancies, therapeutic advisory councils, KOL touchpoint meetings, and market research support/facilitation.

If you want to feel more confident about your strategies, insights, and tactics, let us help! Contact us below, to be directly connected with one of our industry experts and leverage our over 100 years of our life science experience. 

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It has been said “the art of conversation is the skill of hearing as well as being heard.” Facilitating great conversation is the essence of how we gather insight, and discerning actionable results is how mlBlueprint provides the fuel for your strategic fire. 

mlBlueprint’s process ensures that the right questions are posed to the right people so that we can uncover the right insights that will enhance your strategy.

We will dissect every aspect of your product strategy and provide expert analysis and recommendations on your market, your stakeholders, and your competition.


I am sure you know many teams that spend lots of time up front analyzing their situation, only to fail by not choosing the most effective path forward.

mlBlueprint consultancy services dip into our decades of experience to help you prioritize your strategic goals. Then we will recommend tactics that will help you control the controllable and affect what you can effect.  

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A house of cards is likely to fall with the first breeze, but a structure built on a firm foundation will endure the strongest storm. mlBlueprint will leverage our decades of experience, as well as our network of subject matter experts, to build you a strong, enduring blueprint that is battle-tested and built for the long haul. 

Build on a Firm Foundation

As you create and implement ideas for 2022, our solution, mlBlueprint, for strategic and tactical planning, can help you navigate the current medical communications landscape. Through analyzing your situation via discovery and gap analysis, and then comparing insight to and prioritizing your strategic goals, mlBlueprint will provide a roadmap for success. 

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