Carl Roselle

My career spans the breadth and depth of the Life Sciences in both commercial and medical, and I bring that experience to every client challenge I am asked to solve. In my role as Vice President, Strategic Development, I am part of the Leadership Team at Medical Leverage. For 20 years we have helped small and medium pharma, as well as medical device & diagnostic companies, plot their path from early clinical phases through commercialization, and into the launch and growth stages of their brand’s life cycle. Our senior team boasts over 100 years of industry experience in both domestic and global markets. I work closely with our head of content strategy to optimize our client’s strategic imperatives into a brand strategy, and ultimately, a tactical plan. Our team’s expertise and diligence has resulted in an average client retention span of 7 years. We’ve sat in our client’s seat, and we have a first-hand understanding of the challenges they face. We look forward to meeting you.

Your Medical Content Is Great, But Is Anyone Engaging With It?

Your Medical Content Is Great, But Is Anyone Engaging With It?

Each year, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies devote a significant amount of time and resources to the process of pushing their data out for the world to see. Most often, this means developing posters for conferences or submitting manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals. These form the backbone of scientific exchange and have been used successfully for decades. So, why change how you deliver the story your data are telling? Because times have changed.

You Have the Clinical Data.  But What’s the Story?

A White paper By Carl Roselle

What’s the Story? 

Gen Z Sales Representatives Are Here. Are You Ready for Them?

A white paper by Carl Roselle